ARTISTIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE CITY SPACE. Stimulation of the sensual sphere by using, collecting and reflecting urban situations.


A collage of scientific essays, subjective interpretations, lectures in audio-video format, and photographs – all of them illustrating the broad range of possibilities and approaches towards artistic research and urban realities.

The format of this volume was inspired by »belles lettres«, a category of writing which has been used to name literary works that do not fit into major classifications, like fiction, poetry or drama. It could contain essays, récits, published collections of speeches and so on. The genre of »lettre« is a subjective one. Characterized by the common tone, the weaving of fascinating ideas and the (un)secretly-wished publicity. In relation to the project »Art in Public Space. Interdisciplinary Cooperations« , the »lettre« appears to provide a suitable frame for the documentation and dissemination of collected thoughts. By the content and format of our publication we both, the authors and the editors intend to produce an in-between- mode, a collage-like pattern of the different approaches and disciplines. »ARTISTIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE CITY SPACE. Stimulation of the sensual sphere by using, collecting and reflecting urban situations« presents itself as an »optical game«, a kaleidoscope of thinking about artistic research in public space and its connections to urban/spatial planning processes.

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Charles Hoch: Forward


Anamarija Batista, Rudolf Giffinger, Szilvia Kovács, Carina Lesky, Iván Tosics: Marginalia on the Lettre »ARTISTIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE CITY SPACE«

Anamarija Batista, Szilvia Kovács, Carina Lesky: Art in Dialogue with Spatial Planning Practice

Collection of Studies

City Space: Contribution of Cultural and Artistic Practice to City Reconfiguration

Anja Steiglich: Stepping into the Public Sphere. Approaches to Spatial and Artistic Planning Practices

Iván Tosics: Art and the Regeneration of Deprived Public Spaces

Spatial and Artistic Practice: Artistic Methodology as Part of Planning Processes

Anamarija Batista, Szilvia Kovács, Carina Lesky: In Pace with Metropolis: Artistic Practice and the Forming of Public Space

Angelika Schnell: What Ever Happened to What Ever Happened to Urbanism?

Csaba Árpád Horváth: New Genre Public Art. The Democratization of Art in Public Areas

Dušica Dražić: Constructed Landscapes

Balázs Kovács: Questions to Sound Art on Public Spaces

Sven Anderson: Toward a Minor Architecture: Manual for Acoustic Planning (MAP)

Site Specific Practices: Cultural Policies and Imaginaries

Zoltán Bencze: 4 Motivations and Objectives Behind Art Contest in Pécs

Johannes Suitner: Inner City Symbolics: the Politics of Art-Led Public Space Transformation in Vienna

Barbara Rief-Vernay: »Imperial Vienna«: Postmodern Staging of Urban History and Heritage as Competitive Factor

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