Sound Signatures

The Sound Studies Winter and Summer School
is scheduled to take place on January 13-17, 2014 at the University of Amsterdam (NICA) and
on August 18-22, 2014, at NYU Berlin and the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science.

Winter 2014: Amsterdam – Part I: Spaces, Objects and Embodied Practices (NICA / University of Amsterdam, January 13-17, 2014)

“The historical emergence of phonography and wireless radio are often conceived as allowing for sounds to be detached from their source. However, such mediated sounds retain certain spatial characteristics of their performance (“spatial signatures”), whether determined by the room acoustics of concert halls, purpose-built studios or outdoor environments. In early radio broadcasting, for instance, poor sound transmission led to concerns about microphone and speaker quality, resonance and absorption levels, and forms of atmospheric interference. Listeners’ calls for a more faithful acoustic reproduction coincided with professional debates about whether to foreground the sounds considered most important to the recording, such as voice or musical sound, or to capture the full range of available sounds. …”

Read more here and there!


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