Budapest Summer Training Course 2013

For undergraduate students (architects) and young researchers from Egypt, between 22 July and 17 August 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. group_photo Organised by: Higher Technological Institute – Cairo, Egypt — Muhammad Salah Eldaidamony as well as Research Group of Urban Studies; Eötvös Loránd University – Budapest, Hungary — Éva Izsák and Zsuzsanna Váradi, with the contribution of DOCteam62.

Concept: The summer training course derives as a result of the cooperation between Egypt and Hungary, on the level of higher education, as this is willing to open great opportunities between the two countries to exchange experiences, transfer knowledge, and raise the level of education in the Higher Technological Institute (HTI) and the private sector education in Egypt, through the cooperation with a highly ranked university in Hungary and Europe, namely the Eötvös LorándUniversity (ELTE) Faculty of Natural Sciences. The course duration is four weeks held in different institutions in Hungary with the leading of professionals from EötvösLoránd University, and urban planning institutes, research centers, architecture offices and local governments will be also important venues. In which students will meet some colleagues in similar situation from different countries in Europe (Hungary, Belgium, etc).

The first expected outcome is the excursion in which the students will experience both the former and present architecture styles of Hungary, especially Budapest and its region, with the help of lectures from academic professionals, and the practice from architects and planners. The second expected outcome of the course is that our students will be introduced to some new presentation tools and skills by some professionals. They will also promote their experiences by analyzing some proposals to solve the architectural and urban development problems of Budapest and Hungary. While excursions will give the students a concrete overview of the problems, they will deal with, so the course will not depend only on the theoretically but will introduce them to practical applications through collective workshops with thematic approaches.

By the end of the course the students have to present their outcomes and results they achieved during the four weeks, while the teachers have to give them feedback. When the students return back they will have to submit and defend their reports on the work results in the Architecture Engineering Department at the Higher Technological Institute to pass the training course. Meanwhile, the University of Eötvös Loránd University will give the students a credited certificate that they passed and participated in the training course.

Objectives of the training course:
i. Exchange experiences between the host university and the Higher Technological Institute
ii. Learn new presentation tools and skills
iii. Raise the education level of the Higher Technological Institute graduates in order to be plugged in the labor market in Egypt
iv. Open the scope of students to think global and act local
v. Learn new skills to deal with architecture and urban problems

Contribution of DOCteam62:
22 July 2013 – Szilvia Kovács: Social history of Hungary in the 20th century, after 1945
24 July 2013 – Szilvia Kovács: Excursion to Marina part and  Csepel
29 July 2013 – Szilvia Kovács: Suburban public spaces – connected with resilience and art
12 August 2013 – Carina Lesky: Sidewalk Scenes: Film in Public Space and 
Szilvia Kovács: Art as a Guide through the Contemporary City




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