Call for Seminar

»Art in Public Space: Interdisciplinary Co-operation«
14-16 November 2013, in Budapest, Hungary

The seminar is composed of a joint collaboration of specific departments at the University of Pécs and the Vienna University of Technology.
The aim of this seminar is to introduce and to discuss the different theoretical and methodological points of view and practical utilizations related to the interpretation of urban, especially public, spaces and their spatial, as well as social, economic and political, but also cultural relations. In addition, the seminar should provide an opportunity for young researchers to present their research results and to debate with colleagues and senior experts.

We welcome PhD/DLA as well as advanced MA/MSc Students with variable types of educational background (such as humanists, artists, art historians, social scientists, planners etc.) who study at Austrian or Hungarian higher education institutions, especially at the University of Pécs or at the Vienna University of Technology.

The subject framework is “Art in Public Space: Interdisciplinary Co-operation”, with several highlighted sub-topics:

  • Culture and art as urban development resources
  • The city as stage and ingredient of art works
  • Contemporary spatial and cultural mechanisms in and around the city

The official language of the seminar is English.

The synthetic of presentations, discussions and their articulated conclusions will be published in an online newsletter in spring 2014, with contributions by the participants and edited by the Organising Committee.


For registration submit an abstract (max. 400 words) and a CV note (max. 200 words) with a Top5 portfolio (eg. publications, artefacts etc.) until 15 Aug 2013 (extended deadline), to the following e-mail address: .

Based on the decision of the Organizing Committee, the invited participants will be notified in Sept 2013 and receive further details on the seminar program.

Financial support

Travel costs (return train tickets from Vienna to Budapest, or from Pécs to Budapest) and accommodation as well as catering costs in Budapest (for 3 days) are financed (in a limited amount, based on the standards and possibilities of the Austrian-Hungarian Action Fund). In the case of teamwork, the costs can only be covered for one or two presenters.

Seminar program

The event will be held in Budapest for three days. In the academic program, senior experts/professors will give introductory lectures and PhD, advanced MA/MSc Students will present 15-minute-papers. The format of the seminar includes round table discussions and organised workshop activities. Beside the professional presence, a guided tour and several leisure activities are planned in Budapest.

For further information, please contact!

Supported by:
Austrian-Hungarian Action Fund

Dr. Iván Tosics, University of Pécs
Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Rudolf Giffinger, Vienna University of Technology

Further members of the Organising Committee:
MMag. Anamarija Batista, Mag. Szilvia Kovács, Mag. Carina Lesky

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