Perception – Schwendermarkt, Vienna


At this time we focused on markets as places of everyday encounter, communication and exchange of goods and commodities.

Date: 23 April 2013
Venue: Office of ‘Gebietsbetreuung’ and Schwendermarkt, Vienna, Austria
Program: “Perception” as part of the course “City Mixing. Public Space as a Medium for Transcultural Learning.”
Organized by: Doc-Team62 and Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space (TUW)

During teaching block, the sub-topics were as follows:
– introductory about Schwendermarkt with some significances of market places for cities.
– historical film documents to see how the life (movements, gestures, behavior, goods) on markets have changed.
– sound artistic works about the setting of the city and market places.
– discussion about the role of film/sound in public space as means of both, investigation and intervention.

Assignment for students:
– the contrast between the real situation and the imagination of Schwendermarkt, investigation on a visual and/or acoustic way  (e.g. with mobile phone, camera).


“Life is different on photo”

Source: brochure: Verein Kunst- und Kulturprojekt Samstag, im Rahmen des Projekts SAMSTAG IN DER STADT, Nadia Prauhart & Tamara Schwarzmayr, 2012; photo: Szilvia Kovács, 2013.


“Teaching” (Szilvia Kovács, 2013)

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