Re-Thinking the Concept of Density. Workshop. 15-17 October 2015, Budapest

WEB_Rethinking the concept of density

The focus of the workshop is a revisit of the topic »City Density«, which has for a long time been part of debates and is now regaining the interest of different disciplines. To give consideration to versatile approaches, the special aim of this 2-days program is to expand the traditional fields of urban studies by including ongoing debates within art, cultural studies and humanities.  Continue reading


Räume der Kunstgeschichte – Im Tempo der Stadt

“Wenn wir dem Dasein Räumlichkeit zusprechen, dann muß [sic!] dieses „Sein im Raum“ offenbar aus der Seinsart dieses Seienden begriffen werden, schreibt Martin Heidegger in seinem wohl berühmtesten Essay Sein und Zeit, erstmals veröffentlicht 1927, der heute zu einem Schlüsseltext der kunstgeschichtlichen Hermeneutik geworden ist. Continue reading

On the Edge of Perceptibility. Sound Art.

Műcsarnok’s exhibition spaces house sound installations from recent decades, with the participation of Hungarian and international artists. What the curator, concept owner and their colleagues have in mind is a medium-specific – but also thematic – exhibition, which, in addition to the possible applications of the medium of sound in visual arts, also thematizes various aspects of how we perceive the outside world. Continue reading

ARTISTIC TRANSFORMATION OF THE CITY SPACE. Stimulation of the sensual sphere by using, collecting and reflecting urban situations.


A collage of scientific essays, subjective interpretations, lectures in audio-video format, and photographs – all of them illustrating the broad range of possibilities and approaches towards artistic research and urban realities. Continue reading

NECS 2014 Conference, Milan

“The contemporary city represents a new context of experimentation in terms of languages of communication, aesthetics and media consumption. The most immediate result is a new sense of place, fed and inspired by a massive presence of screen media. Sentient city and Screen city are just some of the most recent formulations attempting to tackle the emerging trends taking place in the contemporary urban environment. Continue reading